Product Replacement Program

Comprehensive Product Replacement Program

Your Assurance of Lifetime Warranty and Post-Accident Support

At Swandoo, your family's safety is our top priority. We understand the crucial role a car seat plays in safeguarding your child on every journey. That’s why we offer a robust lifetime warranty and a dedicated product replacement program in the unlikely event of a car accident.

Understanding Invisible Risks

In the aftermath of an accident, a car seat may suffer internal damages that aren't immediately apparent. These hidden damages could compromise the seat's safety performance. To ensure continued protection for your child, we advise having the seat thoroughly inspected.

What You Need for Replacement

To avail of our accident replacement service, we require a few essential items:

  • Proof of Purchase: Your original receipt confirming the purchase.
  • Validation Report: A police or insurance report to validate the accident.
  • Replacement Form: A correctly completed Product Replacement Form.
  • The Damaged Seat: To be sent to us for in-depth analysis.

Next Steps: Easy and Supportive

Simply download our Product Replacement Form, fill it out, and send it to We handle the logistics, making the process hassle-free for you.

Eligibility and Conditions

Our replacement program is designed to offer you peace of mind with the following conditions:

  • Exchange for Equivalent Model: We replace your product with the same or an equivalent model, though the exact color match can’t be guaranteed.
  • No Monetary Refunds: The replacement is strictly a product exchange.
  • Exclusions: This service does not extend to second-hand products.
  • Timely Reporting: Please report the incident within 30 days of the accident.

Expert Analysis and Quick Replacement

Our team of experts will meticulously analyse the damaged seat and swiftly arrange for its replacement. We’re committed to ensuring you and your child can continue to enjoy the safety and comfort of our car seats with minimal disruption.

That’s a promise of enduring care and support, included with every car seat – ensuring your family’s safety journey after journey.